Recently it been getting dark and the weather seems to be fine at night with thick clouds and morning hours brings news kind of sunny weather. The Most Talked About Audrey and the Most becoming controversial DJ, DJ Weezy is likely to be pulling the legs of the media or their followers on Facebook.

Following several posts of recent like in four days now, Cece Maintain been going back and forth with the lovers, Weezy and Audrey. Audrey posted two pictures with the caption

“Audrey and Djweezy were both engage before they met. Engage + engage = marriage. Thank God I tell my bf everything. So keep trying grandma.😂😂😂🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️” – Audrey Adam

This got fans and friends confused, but Weezy seems to agree with the post, even though his Liberian base girlfriend (don’t know if ex or present base on Audrey post) were posted in it along with him and Audrey saying she engage to a another man, someone in 2018 before she first dropped down from Australia to get into an affair with Weezy. How is it going when the Boss Weezy is saying

“Funny thing, I knew about all these long before and who cares when attention seekers make an irrelevant post? Chill bby and see you soon❤️❤️” – Amb DJ Weezy The Boss

Why she did this is unknown and the reasons isn’t yet stated.

Someone commented saying

“Thanks sis for coming, does this mean you were engaged to this man before going to Africa?” – Yei Gbele

Audrey replied “Yei Gbele Yeah before even going to Africa 2018.” – Audrey Adam

What is going on, is it that the guy what had fence The Most Talked About hand is about to take her out of the DJ’s life finally or she’s ready to take off his ring and accept Weezy own of ring?

Fans are left in confused state of mind with the post Audrey Adam made.

More might come out of this as we look forward to follow the trends.

Just to under this whole thing, it has been drawn out by Cece Maintain but Weezy and Audrey is still trying to hold up tight as lovers, as Weezy replied with a post.

Cece is a lady that don’t stop till she finally gets her points out, she’s not the type that back down till she get what she want done is completely done. She posted this before this whole things exploded.

“I Told you the most talk about hoe to never come weak….. #2020 fire for FIRE 💀☠☠☠☠☠☠☠#PARTONE THE MOST TALK ABOUT HOE TOOK THESE PICTURES June 29th 2019 IN SOUTH Korea at her fake body engagement” – Cece Maintain

This thing is getting lovely dovish. There’s seems to be more coming out, no one want to be out with out bringing the next man out. Let us keep tune for more is yet to drop from both ends, this drama been going on for alimony two years now. Will this resolve between them as Weezy who was said to be a manager to Cece Maintain but later the public said it wasn’t just manager and client but they turned to lover and the same circle came from Audrey too as she was managed by Weezy but they are now lovers, how can this be handle. This is all about relationship differences.

Diaspora ladies and Weezy.