This is it. Audrey Adam goes by the name TheMostTalked About got the whole entertainment industry on fire yesterday as bloggers took to their various pages informing the public about a piece of information that wasn’t complete by sources.

Audrey on February 1, 2020, called her boyfriend DJ Weezy and said she was involved in a car accident, on the scene where Weezy was on the phone, Gossip Liberia caught him right there in a direct conversation with Audrey asking her, her whereabouts but she refused to show out her location, Gossip Liberia was doing its usual work as to community report and environmental alert when our camera caught Weezy live for few seconds till his voice seems too serious to be recorded but it draws attention as to what was happening.

Helping Weezy to talk to Audrey and she said she doesn’t want anyone to know her whereabouts because she doesn’t want Weezy to be there or to know where she was, on the phone for several minutes, Weezy convinced her to show the location asking her to give the phone to someone, right there she did and a lady directed Weezy to Malic clinic in town(Monrovia City), Weezy went looking for his lover but never saw her, he said he checked from hospital to hospital looking for Audrey and she never shows her actual location till 1:0 am-midnight hours she called Weezy to go and get her in Marshall.

Weezy said when he saw her she was still bleeding from under her eye after she (Audrey) said she was taken from hospital to hospital and nothing was done.
Interviewed her about those that were involved in the accident, she said it was two bikes and those ridding, how it all happened; Audrey said the car they were in hit a bike rider and everyone that were on the bike fall to the ground, that’s when the driver of the car they (Audrey and others) were in-try to run excessively but those that were in the car told him to stop running, and he pressed the break so hard that they hit their head on things that were before them.

That was what Audrey told Gossip Liberia. What isn’t clear here is that there’s no other image of those that were involved in the accident, no one. Asking Weezy again about the accident, he said he went to every clinic in Marshall and yes he saw the accident scene but why he never say the other victims of the accident were just what puzzle Gossip Liberia.

Rumors have been spreading that Weezy beat on Audrey and Audrey hasn’t said a thing apart from share her other page asking people to follow and later Weezy did the same but came to clear his name. [fvplayer id=”11″]

A face to face chat with the two lovers yesterday morning, they said that they never had a fight and they might have argued over things, but haven’t fought before, Audrey even said:

I am the one who has even slapped Weezy several times and he does nothing about it, why are they even thinking he’s that kind when he doesn’t even shout on me or has never slapped me, but I have.

As a celebrity and a well-known person in the entertainment industry she needs to clear her name, as many have asked her to, but she hasn’t, Or are they both hiding something from the media, or have they both wronged each other?

Before we judge these couples let us look at how they brought hundreds of youth together to make a change in their lives. Audrey single handily sponsor her own show, The Most Talked About Talent Hunt in 2019, which was organized by DJ Weezy Army and Naymo Record, in the talent hunt, there were three categories and everyone that won from each got $500.00 United State Dollars to help their career, by pushing themselves with the amount they won, media groups that were there in support of the entire program got cash and certificate as well as the judges and those that performed as guest artists.

Audrey and Weezy also organize a cleanup camping that brought together youths that helped along with ZOKO’s to clean the streets of Paynesville city, giving each person cash that could get water to drink and other things.

Audrey is not just a lover of the Liberia entertainment industry but someone that brought great change and Weezy have always been one of Liberia promising DJ that spoke for all.

More news coming up as Weezy and Audrey promise to file in a lawsuit on those that said that never happened as they need to protect their character especially Weezy.