Attorney At-law Elijah W. Shar, writes these lines.

“Abraham Kromah is a False Prophet.

If you want to incur the maximum wrath of a typical Liberian, speak against their spiritual leader or pastor (daddy as they call them now) . The way these religious leaders are venerated gives the impression that God has Liberian pastors as deputies, who can command the day to turn to night.

It has been over a week since the tragic stampede during a religious gathering organized by Abraham Kromah in New Kru Town. Some people were incandescent with rage over my scathing posts directed at Kromah.

But my position remains the same: Pentecostal pastors, general overseers and church leaders who are fleecing their congregations using the gospel of prosperity and fear are not my role models. A pastor whose ministry and calling are defined by material accumulation should be treated with suspicion.

These deceptive businessmen and scammers in evangelical suits have made Christianity to look like a betting game. They keep acquiring luxurious cars while the vast majority of their members live in penury. Those who have been blinded by these latter day prophets will never see the sheer criminality being perpetuated by them.

We, Liberians, have bastardized Christianity. Abraham Kromah is a false prophet, and I cannot contribute five dollars of my hard-earned money for any god of man to use in maintaining his ostentatious lifestyle”