Authorities of the Liberia National Police have arrested and placed behind bar, an entrance EXAMINER of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) for allegedly raping an eighteen (18)yr old girl.

Only Identified as Tony, the man was arrested based on Investigation report from the rape Survivor who accounted that the examiner raped her after contending a failed entrance result.

“We were two students that he told we failed the test, so we said no, we challenged the test and afterwards, he told the other girl to leave because she passed then he asked why I keep failing”, the Survivor’s account.

She continued “I told him since this is the case, I’ll get my father to take it up with University Administration. As soon as turn to leave the office, he held me from the back, we tussled and his strength overpowered me and raped me”.

The alleged rape stigma on the AMEU by one of it’s trusted staff has further complicated the school’s stance due to the fact that the alleged incident took place of the University’s Campus .

The Administration of the University is yet to make an official statement concerning the matter.

The alleged incident is happening in the week of the Celebration of International Women’s day and where calls have heighten to strengthen the fight against rape and other forms of violence against women and girls.

The Head of REACH, Madam Nesuah Livingstone has pointed out that there are clean clothes or coat suit rapist who are in air-conditioned, good houses and cars that people must be careful with.

Madam Nesuah and other activists have been working to ensure underreported cases of Rape are brought to the lamplight for action by national Government.

Source: Womenโ€™s TV – Liberia