Apart from the entertainment, we have one of the finest women in Africa and in the world, it’s not about what you called fine, it’s about how you see fine as being fine.
Liberia’s entertainment industry has been on some go slows for long when the people who suppose to push it were afraid of the media dragging them into things they don’t want they spouse to see or their parents but since most Liberians started depending on their own talent to feed them and see pride in their work rather than relationship, they begin to grow.

Meet two female DJ’d you can’t beat, De Licia Queen and Djfynest. These two women are not just doing this for attention, but they have what we called passion for their jobs, both are ladies in serious relationships known as wifey to their spouses, but their love for their work never limit them to do exceeding things, their hair, their body goals. They are mothers, and beautiful ones that can’t be noticed easily that they are moms.

Let us not make this look long, both are aging with dignity and pride for their age and looks, De Licia Queen is 40 years old and Djfynest is 42. Can you imagine they are so beautiful and even the youngest guys that follow them and wish to have an affair with women as such, because they make you want to know them better, and they are so professional to the bone.

At least our female celebrities are no longer hiding their ages, especially the ones with children and are beautiful too.

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