With her numerous nominations, winning awards, becoming brand ambassador(s) and marketing super woman, Karishma is still not over reacting base all the achievements she have received.

There have been rumors that she’s older than the age that people assume her to be, but with fact she was just been fortunate to get married before most of her peers but unfortunately she lost her husband at an early marriage life.

In support to Lofa County Celebrations she dance to her cultural drums

Karishma had a real rough time growing up, which brought her into motherhood at age 19 and for which she never tried abortion. She give birth to her first child who’s a boy and she named him Carlos. A mother of three children, her last child father is known to be Tomah Floyd, commonly known as TFloyd of Floyd Nation.

Her first child name is Carlos (Male) and he’s 15 years old, Second child is Paris (Female), she’s 10 Years old and third Child is Royalty (Female) she’s 5 years old.

From 1986-2021 November 7 she will be 35 years old, so she was 19 years old when she had her first child.

Recently she posted her kids on social media with the caption

“Did you know that am a Proud Mother of 3(three) beautiful kids 🤔… If not, please to meet my babies 🙌🏻❤️!!

Carlos (Left) – Royalty (Middle) and Paris (Right)

Carlos 15 years – Grade 11th
Paris 10 years – Grade 6th
Royalty 5 years – K-1

Mommy Joy ❤️✊!!

This post was shared on our social media pages, which brought about lot of controversial comments raging at her for the age which we know her to be, a 1986 born having three kids and now she’s 34 which she will soon be 35 years old coming November 7.

Female who seems to know her just by time but not her age came at her with comments to say she’s not 34 years old but even more than that.

With all the insult, Karishma came up with a post to make it clear to all females that think she’s lying and she might have born too soon. She wrote.

Post she made after some ladies tried to mock her off her real age and getting children.

With lots of interest in running as a representative of District 10 in Montserrado County, do you think she’s going to be the youngest woman or person to try running for such position?

Please don’t forget she send a curse on one of the ladies that said she’s a lying about her age.

Karishma cursed a lady for putting her mouth on her. Wow!

Have your say.

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