Nobody can explain what is happening in our school system when it comes to the increase in tuition this year. It has been added even more then a cent, to a hundred plus, like two times the actual school fees from last year.

Parents are complaining, not just because of the high tuition they are to pay for their children’s fees but because most parents haven’t had jobs that pay them as much as they were getting before to help with their kid’s fees, some parents have more than five children’s to send to school and the lowest for a first grader in most private institutions is $550.00 United States Dollars a year, for which most schools take the first installment which might sometimes be $245.00 United States Dollars, in Liberian dollars, it will be 36,750.00 Liberian dollars for the first installment for just a first grader, and the total school fees a year in Liberian dollars might be 82,500.00 Liberian Dollars, that’s just a first grader, now calculate college students fees, or a child in senior high-level fees plus other requirements by the school, this is a trap to suffocate many parents.

This has been one of the toughest times in Liberia for parents to ask schools to reopen not in the actual month it open. Even people, institutions, and government entities are complaining to help with school fees or scholarships this year because there are no funds for the high increase in tuition.

Mrs. Scott had to make a post that seems worrisome and saddening which had the attention of others making their contributions to her post on Facebook. She said;

Can somebody please tell me why school fees are so high this year?
A slight increase is doable but 2-3 times what it was last year is crazy. Some kids will not be getting sponsored this year
😩” – Monique Yhap Scott

Why is it that we have this at this time of the year? If she can come out to speak out in a worried manner with such concerning matters, many are indeed facing worst situations than we can imagine this time of the year to send their kids to school.

Why the increase in tuitions? What is the Ministry of Education saying about this? Is it a set fee for all or there are other requirements that the ministry added to the schools that made things much more expensive for the parents and guardians to be able to support or pay their children’s tuition?

These are some of the questions people are asking, and it seems like most kids will not be in school this year, especially for private institutions.

What will the government say to this?

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