Dear Mr. President,

I am not a politician and neither am I politically affiliated to any political party in Liberia but just out of curiosity, I would like to know from you Sir, are you the President for the Congress for Democratic Change or are you the President of the Republic of Liberia? Why are you embracing violence from your supporters that will only leave our country derailed and disrupted after the United Nations brought peace and stability? Take a look at where we are currently as a nation. Do you not see the need for a collaborative Liberia? Do you not see how our people are suffering to survive from day to day? Do you not see how unpresentable (dirty) our streets are? Smh…Liberia belongs to every Liberian citizen and not to a specific group of people. The level of violence and disrespect from your supporters is highly overwhelming and unacceptable under the laws of Liberia. Our country suffered the repercussion of serval crises and yielded us nothing but brutality and destructions. Leaving the youth damaged and psychologically abused with absolutely no hope for the future. Sir, the Liberian people voted for you because we believed in your message and we could resonate with your story. We thought you would have made the difference by bridging the gap in order to unify the country instead, you serve as the divider who creates division and embraces the tension. Just in case if you haven’t noticed, most Liberians are frustrated, desperate and are at the verge of losing it to get back into the streets with arms regardless of the consequences. What kind of country are you leading? What is the moral agenda behind your government? Is this the change you promised us? Well, it is very evident that you are not a political leader but that doesn’t stop you from using your intuition as a man, a citizen, a husband, a father, and a son. Can’t you see what is happening around you in the country? Can’t you see that the country is crumbling down due to the division created? For Christ sake, You are the President of the Republic of Liberia and not a political party. Your job as the President of the Republic of Liberia is to work in the interest of the country and its Liberian people and not a specific group of people. I wonder what mechanism are you and your team putting into place to take Liberia from the shambles your created for it? It is such a shame that at this point, we can no longer conduct simple by-elections without creating tantrum. Haven’t you realized that the International Community is tired of Liberia continuous petty issues? Don’t you see that investors are refusing to invest in Liberia and the few that are there are pulling out gradually? Is it that you do not see the economic hardship in the country, whereby the USD rate is now 204 to a dollar and it is rapidly increasing on a daily basis then you are celebrating 172 years of independence? Mr. President, I must say the at this point, I am personally disappointed in the level of unprofessional leadership from this government. You give us too much hope during your campaign for you to have the audacity to disregard our expectations like this. We are the people with the power and we refuse to be used and abused by this government or anyone else for that matter. If you are incompetent to govern and lead us, we will use the law to our advantage. Do not forget, Liberians have the power to decide and NOT CDCians.

A hint to the wise is quite sufficient.

Sincerely yours,


He who stands out