Basically sex is good when two persons find themselves enjoying it. Here’s the thing, Christian T. Quiah who’s also the Co-Owner of, a professional graphic designer, and an entrepreneur, known as Chris Cross who’s is a Gemini ♊️ and he seems to be having some good time expressing his love life about how sexy it is having a Gemini as a partner, especially it being a male, but the post seems not too cool as ladies and others guys come clapping at him.

Is he making some kind of advertisement for a new girlfriend or he’s getting some tips out to those who don’t know what it is to have a Gemini?

Chris Cross post on Gemini ♊️

This is a brilliant argument but before we argue about something let us know what Gemini stands for.

Know Gemini for yourself.

Let us view few comments from the post above.

Few comments from the post made by Christian.

Now do we think they are good in bed or loving? Let see others references to this.