House of Representatives Plenary yesterday sent Makanvee Sheriff and her brother Mohammed to jail for fifteen days for allegedly assaulting Representative Nathaniel Bahway of Grand Kru County.

Meanwhile, Makanvee fell off followed plenary’s decisions, and was rushed to a local hospital for treatment before being taken to the Monrovia Central Prison.

The biggest question here is what did the lawmakers do about their colleagues? As it was seen there were some aggressive behaviors put up by the lawmaker that resulted in these two coming into the act of defensive moves.

A hit and run is against the driving rules under the transport ministry, isn’t that a crime that should have someone put behind bars for their crime, and it was the act of the lawmaker. Now this serves as a deterrent to the public.

Is the law set for all? The biggest question almost everyone is gearing around and asking each other. Driving on an opposite lane is a crime, though allowed by the Liberia National Police in so doing, once one is wrong he/she should be able to take responsibility for his/her actions, thereby reporting themselves to the law, to help with the situation, but it seems not a great thing for a lawmaker to do.

The people cry for injustice.