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JOO 2 – Wakim Cruze (Mix – Master: Jeremy – Beat by: Zagax IceBlank)


Life can get you doing the possible when the impossible comes in. Wakim Cruze been with Naymo Records for the longest and noting as this came out of him like this record, this was right after he left Naymo Records. Wakim drops “JOO” and now he drops “JOO 2.” In one he was not this specific with the introduction and the direct messages he was sending, but in Joo 2 he’s sending one line direct message to someone that was and is still close to him. When you hear the song you know he’s sending some kind of beef to the bloggers, his ex-manager, his used to be fellow artists and the list goes on to a lot of other entertainers. This song came out with the audio and video.

This is one of the best you can ever get this year from the studio. Get JOO 2 now has no regret in calling someone Joe.

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Download “JOO 2 – Wakim Cruze (Mix – Master: Jeremy – Beat by: Zagax IceBlank)” Joe-2-Wakim-Cruze-1.mp3 – Downloaded 63 times – 4 MB

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