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Sea erosion may destroy the entire Sinkor communities


Sea erosion may destroy the entire Sinkor Community if actions are not taken now to mitigate this natural phenomenon, amplified by human activities.

Sea erosion continue to wreak havoc in communities across Monrovia most especially of recent, the Sinkor belts. Many homes across this region are threatened and others destroyed by sea erosion in recent years.

Of recent, I visited families that have already had to move house a number of times and are facing an increasingly uncertain future and can no longer live close to the coastline.
Their worries are expected to increase due to climate change and sea-level rise.

Coastal erosion is bringing other problems such as salinization of water and soils, an outbreak of diseases, loss of infrastructures, damages to recreational sites, deaths, degradation of ecosystems and flooding.

Moreover, recent studies indicate that sea level observations are already higher than the maximum limit of IPCC projections.

This means that we need to adapt to these changes if we are to combat climate change, sea erosion. For residents of Sinkor community, these are three options to combat sea erosion:
Retreating or removing houses, shops, and recreational centers will help reduce the effects.
Build hard structures (seawalls) on the beaches to stop or reduce the rate of coastal erosion

Constructing barrier walls will stop the waves from hitting the sand and eroding it over time.

I want to use this dais to alert inhabitants of the Sinkor belts, government of Liberia through its relevant line ministries and agencies, local and international NGOs to fast strike policies already on the docket to stop or reduce sea erosion impacts on the Sinkor community.

Report by: Ballah Kollie, Environmental Activist


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