The Liberian immigration services is standing strong to welcome few Liberians that are being deported to Liberia. Their charges are not label yet and they (LIS) have not stated where they are going to be kept if into prisons or turned over to their family after welcoming them back home.

Here’s the news they send to the public.

“The Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) is to receive 8 persons that are to be deported from the United States of America. Those 8 deportees will arrived in Liberia on March 4th at 010hrs via the Roberts International Airport.

Details to follow……”

Waiting on this to happen others raised concern that they think need to be handle by the country in general.

People are asking what will be put into place to help these deported Liberians to get suitable in the society that haven’t improve the lives of those living there over years or are they going to let these men walk the street of Liberia and continue to be as they were before caught for the crimes they committed that is leading to their deportation?

Looking at the situation of many young Liberians that are addicted to drugs and many for which came came way back on the same deportation service, will these new group turn up to be worse then them or will there be a better measure out into place.

Everyone is waiting to see the names and crimes that these deported Liberians cause.

More news coming through as we all stay alert to how the immigration service is pushing its way through to handle issues the right way.