According to CDC-COP, They Agrees with Dr. George M. Weah that Mr. Joseph N. Boakai Was Not the Change; Highlights 50 Reasons Proving the Boakai’s Administration is a Calamity Upon the Nation as Liberians Regret the Decision of 2023

Fellow countrymen and members of the press, the National Executive Council of the Congress for Democratic Change – Council of Patriots (CDC-COP) extends revolutionary greetings to Dr. George M. Weah, the esteemed President and Commander-In-Chief of CDC. We wholeheartedly echo Dr. Weah’s recent remarks on Freedom FM, where he aptly stated that “Mr. Boakai and his Unity Party were never agents of change but mere chance seekers.”

Since assuming office on January 22, 2024, Mr. Joseph Boakai’s administration has egregiously violated the nation’s laws, decimated the economy, fostered nepotism across all sectors, and plunged Liberia into unprecedented dysfunction. Over the past six months, the CDC-COP has meticulously documented and catalogued 150 instances of failures, deceit, lawlessness, corruption, and calamitous events under the despotic leadership of Joseph N. Boakai:

  1. Civil Servants’ Salaries haven’t been increased. Mr. Boakai condemned horminazation but they are proudly using the same pay grade system. Where is the change?
  2. The mismanagement of the inauguration funds of $US 650,000.00 by Miatta Fahnbulleh and up to now, the so-called investigation committee has yet to prosecute anyone. But Mr. Boakai went and rewarded a corrupt woman under IAA’s investigation. Where is the change?
  3. The looting and open stealing of the district’s inauguration fund of $US 360, 000 by Unity Party Chairman, Luther Tarpeh and Mr.Boakai rewarded Mr. Tarpeh as Board Chairman at NPA for stealing. Where is the change?
  4. The Nomination and withdrawal of Eric Gabriel Jenn-Judge as Deputy Min for Technical Services, Ministry of Public Works only because he was seen with a CDC’s beret. Divisiveness! Where is the inclusion?
  5. The appointment and shameful withdrawal of Mr. Cooper Kruah as Justice Minister, a participant that murdered Frm. President Samuel K. Doe on National Television. Only to be reappointed as Labour Minister
  6. The abrupt cancellation of Armed Forces Day
  7. A nationwide protest by wives of the AFL in demand of better living conditions, retirement benefits and better healthcare
  8. The ill-political nomination and forceful resignation of Prince C. Johnson III as Defense Minister of the Armed Forces of Liberia ( AFL) wives exposed the corrupt manner in which Mr Johnson surpassed the army and used his post as Chief of Staff for political reasons
  9. The shameful reappointment of Prince C. Johnson III as Director of the National Security Agency ( NSA) even though he’s under investigation for proven corruptibility and bad leadership exposed by the Armed Forces of Liberia Wives
  10. The most unstable electricity that stays for less than 4 hours is out of 24 hours
  11. The overnight Travel to Ghana by Mr Boakai. He didn’t meet any Ghanaian officials but Emansion lied that they met the Vice President of Ghana without any official photos is a complete disservice to the National Legislature and Liberian people and a waste of taxpayers’ money
  12. The Borrowing of 41.3 m USD from the Central Bank or having a government shutdown but up to now, no accountability of that fund
  13. Mr Boakai violated Section 10.1 of the Code of Conduct that states assets declaration should be done before taking Office. It took Mr. Boakai over 6 months to publish a compilation of elementary lies
  14. Empty pronouncement and Failed National Security Agency ( NSA) audit
  15. Empty pronouncement and Failed Executive Protection Service ( EPS) audit
  16. The induction before the appointment of Madam Nancy Moye, wife of Senator Prince Moye at the LPRC board. Critics had to expose it before Emansion made the appointment public
  17. Appointing of Koung’s sister-in-law, brother-in-law and relatives into government
  18. Appointment of Boakai’s relatives in government
  19. Economic failure of the state and harsh social conditions imposed on the Liberian people by Boakai’s ineptitude. The exchange rate is now at 197.
  20. The appointment of Madam Dabah M. Varpilah’s husband and 4 children into government like it’s a family enterprise. Nepotism.
  21. The unlawful dismissal of Madam Yeke as Deputy Director at NASSCORP. Mr Boakai decided to bastardise the law and dismiss a woman holding a tenure position as a dictatorship in action and evidence that he has no regard for the rule of law. Witch-hunt!
  22. The appointment of Nelson Freeman who killed and brutalised CDCians on November 7, 2011, at the CDC party Headquarters as 102 of LNP means giving a killer more guns to kill. Boakai’s appointment of Nelson Freeman as Deputy Director for Operations at the Liberia National Police is a shred of clear evidence that he intends to destroy lives and properties, especially CDCians.
  23. Mr Boakai sent his Unity Party thugs to harass and attack Hon. Emma Metieh Glassco at her office only because he wanted to appoint his sister-in-law. Madam Emma had a legitimate tenure position yet he attempted to illegally remove her. Mr Boakai violated Section 3.4 (2) of the Act that established the National Fisheries and Aquaculture of Liberia, which provides that the Director General shall hold office for a term of four (4) years, which may be renewed for one additional term of four (4) years and no more.
  24. The unlawful removal of 4 tenured Commioinsers at the Liberia Telecommunications Authority ( LTA) only because they were appointed by Amb. Weah. The commissioners went to court and Mr. Boakai was told that he violated the Act that created LTA and he was wrong to remove the commissioners on allegation of political sentiment.
  25. The civilian coup against Mr. Joseph Tarr at the Liberia Rural Renewable Energy Agency ( LRREA). This man had two years left in his tenure position. Mr. Boakai sent his power mongers to the office one soon morning and attacked Mr. Tarr and threatened him to leave the office because he campaign for CDC in Maryland County. Tarr escaped in the protection of his life. Mr. Boakai currently has an officer in charge of the entity. This Tarr that Mr Boakai sent his thugs to physically attack and remove from office is the man that Amb. Weah asked to take Boakai for emergency treatment when Boakai was at a point of death. Mr. Boakai accepted Tarr’s generosity as a CDCian but removed him from his tenure position for a similar identity
  26. Mr. Boakai’s Party SG, Amos Tweh intimidation harassment of employees at LPRC. He unjustifiably dismissed 15 staff at the LPRC only because they were employed by Weah’s administration. Tweh quickly employed over 20 Unity Partisans at the LPRC which is a violation of Part III, Section 3.14 of the Code of Conduct, Merit System. Removing CDCians for political affiliation but replacing them with Unity Partisans
  27. Mr. Boakai nominated Edward Liberty as Executive Director resulting in the unlawful removal of current ED Andrew Peters whose tenure is still effective ( 3 years, 7 months) by law of the NIR. Boakai said Mr. Peters should leave his job because he supported the CDC of Amb. Weah. This ungodly and insensitive act of Mr Boakai violates Part V, Section 5.3 of the 2011 National Identification Registry Act
  28. The violation of Article 12e(i) of the 2016 NOCAL Law: Vice Presidents of the NOCAL should be appointed by the President/CEO of NOCAL with the approval of the Board of Directors and not the President of the Republic of Liberia. Mr. Boakai violated that law by appointing Boakai Jaleiba and Emmanuel Azango as Vice Presidents at NOCAL
  29. The violation of Section 1 (c) Title 1.1 of the Intellectual Property Act: the appointment of Madam Garmai Koboi violates “The Intellectual Property Act” which provides that the director general shall possess the following minimum qualification and experience: a) be at least the minimum, a licensed Attorney-At-Law who has practised law in Liberia for at least three years b) be a licensed Counselor- At- Law with at least three years of managerial experience in intellectual property. Madam Koboi is not a lawyer and has no legal credentials. Yet then Mr. Boakai appointed her in gross violation of the law.
  30. Part XI, Section 9.1 of the Code of Conduct: Mr. Jeremiah Koung was caught receiving the casual gift ( riding in a Ghanaian businessman’s private jet) while on official duty. This is a flagrant violation of the law
  31. The violation of Article 90 (b), Constitution of Liberia: prohibits public officials and servants from directly or indirectly ‘receiving’ special privileges or benefits for what they do. Mr. Koung was on an official visit representing the Boakai administration and he accepted a gift by riding a private jet, bastardizing the organic law of the country
  32. The violation of Part IV 4.2 of the Code of Conduct: All Public Officials and Employees of Government shall uphold all laws, lawful instructions, decisions and policies of the State, faithfully and impartially to the best of his or her ability. Mr. Boakai has no regard for state laws and he continues to disrespect the state
  33. The consistent violation of Part III, Section 3.14 of the Code of Conduct Merit System: All Public Officials and Employees of Government shall hire and promote employees and officers based on the individual’s competence and worth, rather than on political. The bedrock of getting a job under this administration is a political affliction. There is no merit-based system. Mr. Boakai keeps giving jobs to only partisans of the Unity Party and members of the Alliance that supported his campaign. This divisive attitude has led to the appointment of many incompetent and unqualified individuals
  34. Mr. Gregory Coleman of the Liberia National Police ( LNP) took of US$ 6.1 million Ecobank loan without legislative approval thus violating Article 34 d(iii) of the Constitution of Liberia
  35. Amos Tweh stole of US$9.7 million Ecobank loan without legislative approval thud violating
  36. The unlawful giving of contracts without Legislative approval and failing to follow the Public Procurement Concession Commission and Public Financial Management Laws
  37. Compromising the rule to law against Jessica to favour an American national in Lucas Richards
  38. The disastrous mudslide death of at least 22 citizens in River Gee County wherein the Boakai’s Administration failed to express sympathy and refused to send an excavator to assist the half-life ground till they met their demise
  39. Police Brutality against peaceful University Students at the University of Liberia campus
  40. Gregory Coleman ordered the Police to shoot live bullets which resulted in the killing of 4 citizens during the Kinjor Massacre
  41. Jacob Jabakollie’s illegal withdrawal of $US 650k from the NOCAL account
  42. Slyverstey Gybriy, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs request NASSCORP to buy 3 vehicles for the Executive Mansion without a constitutional authority
  43. Continous Mysterious Killing and deaths across the country
  44. The stealing of US$ 22.5 million from the consolidated account by Boakai’s administration
  45. The killing of an unarmed Grand Gadeian citizen at the SDK sports complex
  46. Police officer killing a peaceful Citizen at 72nd Junction
  47. A police officer beat and cut the finger of a youth in Barnesville just to realize it was a missing identity
  48. Police officer disgracefully beat and humiliated musician Mr Pabai without an investigation
  49. The gruesome Murder of MCC officer, Amanda Nebo without justice
  50. Commercialization of the PHP and Invisible sports parks that was entry free under President Weah
  51. Deliberate disrespect of the Supreme Court ruling in favour of tenured officials
  52. The continuous proliferation of numerous narcotics products especially Zombie

The CDC-COP unequivocally agrees with President Dr. George M. Weah’s assessment that Liberia under Mr. Joseph N. Boakai is spiralling into unprecedented suffering and regression. The people were deceived by state squanderers. The nation under Boakai-Koung Administration is leading the country to anarchy. CDC-COP calls on all Liberians to remain steadfast in the face of adversity. Together, we will overcome these challenges and restore our nation to prosperity.

” Let’s Protect the State! “

National Executive Council
CDC- Council of Patriots