Afro-Pop star, 2Switt is one of Liberia’s successful Liberian artists, mixing his colloquah with pigin makes his songs sound different and classic. He got the efforts to make things happen, a one-man army, fear no fall, always teaming up with his Bilikon Team.

Weeks ago there was a top-listed song that knocked out the song called Normal Day by Angel Micheal, In The Photo that was song by Tankun J and two other artists, this song took over in less than a month, the momentum is still on.

A piece of an article extracted from Liberian Daily observer show the song in detail.

Amongst several controversies, the song has sparked is the National Port Authority’s USS$30,000 payment to US-based Liberian artist D-12, who performed at this year’s independence celebration event.

Some have criticized the move, others have hailed it. Colorful says he’s has nothing against the artist.

“He’s an artist and if the President sees the need that he is paid US$30,000 for his work then I see no problem with it,” he said.

For Takun J, the movie was “100 percent perfect” because it improves the profile of Liberian artists.

“Back in the day when we were performing… they used to take Nigerians and Ghanaians and gave them US$90,000 and gave us only US$100 – we were not in the photo but now we are getting in the photo because a Liberian artist is now getting US$30,000,” says Takun J, who has earned the nickname “Hipco King”.

Hipco is a mixture of Hip-hop and Liberian colloquial, otherwise known as Liberian English. This music genre surfaced at the end of the second phase of the Liberian civil war in 2003. Since then, it has become a conduit for artists to express their views about romance and social vices.

Artists can help build the image of the country by producing songs that speak about the positives, says Colorful, who also claims society is offering little to change the course of misconceptions amongst many young Liberians.

“We are not in the photo so we will definitely complain,” added Takun J, who’s confident the public review of the song will only grow.

Now the let us see what 2Switt said that might relate to another artists.

Will this post go down well with other artists in the industry?