Gossip Liberia is a media organization that seeks way to bring out information that are hidden way in the bottom part of our (Liberia) history, information that need to bring out the light in Liberians if in or out of Liberia.

We(Gossip Liberia) are a Liberian base organization that are open to accepting knowledge from youths in every part of the world, we work with local, governmental, and social organizations to make the world a better place.

Our Motto is “We Inform to Transform.” With this in our mind we reach to places beyond our boundaries to make sure our people in and out of Liberia get the right information they require/need.

Our programs varies; we have political programs, social programs, educational and research programs on our platform that brings joy to our fans/members and subscribers. An organization that has not more than 20 members because we are not in the capacity of paying people for the services given to us in full amount as salary.

In the act of promoting artists, actors, and entrepreneur we find this to be one of our main focus, we make sure these category of people get the right services to make their dreams come through. We work tirelessly to make everyone happy and get their products out there to the public on time and in good style.

Gossip Liberia is not just a media organization that stand alone, we are a merging organization that works with our humanitarian and an entrepreneur organization called “One Heart Organization and iDea Africa.” One Heart organization covers the care of children, parents and uniting the world in general through sharing and helping each other. The official motto for One Heart Organization is “People Helping People Help Them Self.” i Dea Africa works with business people to develop their business well. We use this as a means to make sure that whatever you do as an individual to bring development to a community, a society or even a nation, just know that you are not only helping someone alone but also helping yourself to make your life better as to the person’s who’s getting the help.

Gossip Liberia was founded 2010, June 10 by Anthony Fofana, MV. This organization was brought about show casing the beauty of Liberia to the world, to make Liberians in and out of Liberia see it possible to share ideas in one area that is own by Liberia. Anthony never stop there, he decided to make this organization a student research organization that will help researcher to get information they require from Liberia without searching all over the web and libraries but right on Gossip Liberia website or right at the office of Gossip Liberia.

Getting a team to work on everything, putting things into place has become so challenging because there is low funds and no other support, this initiative is a self-sponsor initiative. Working through the internet, transportation, designing promotional images, feeding of team members, allowance for weekly activities, studio recording and the list goes on, is a self-initiative thing that’s why the organization has been striving since 2010 to reach to its peak.

Presently we work with as a team of four person, we have our President and chief operating office, Christian T. Quiah, our manager, Maudlin S. Alexis, and few other youths who do some part time contribution towards the success of this initiative.

We have two artists that we do promotion for on daily basis, they are called by group name “2in1” and music name for each are “Shine and Sun.” Our daily activities surround them and make sure to make their dreams come through. We have our recording studio that we work through in doing our recording of Audio and editing of Video, this is Grace Record. As a media organization is becomes our responsibility to get where there’s a need to give out and get information from people far and near, living in and out of Liberia. We have oath our self with this task that everyone need to be inform, educated or non-educated, everyone has the right to information. We visited two counties over the past years of our existence in this Liberia, Bomi County and Cape Mount, we have cover the county by knowing the life style of people living out there. It is fun travelling through waters, bushes and looking for villagers who we were seeing information from about their life living far from the city and what are their expectation to the development of Liberia. It was hard doing such but we made it possible to have translator for the dialect, even though most villagers know how to speak English.

Gossip Liberia has been working with several organization to carrying on peaceful activities in Liberia since it was founded, we work with Bilikon Ent, Empire Throne of Talents, Leaf, Supreme Empire, Big Dreams Entertainment, Big Hands Team Adidas, Plus Liberia and Tunes Liberia. We never stop working with anyone.

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