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Sheikh Mohammed of Diamond Online Advice Roda Starlet like a father


This focus minded blogger decided to point out things that are affecting his female friend who he said claims to be a blogger. His note are open and clear to the point. Read below.

Roda Starlet, I could say nice things about you but I rather tell the truth. Do you know that you’re one of the Inept that’s bothering this Industry? You’ve literally insulted everybody in the name of being a blogger for which you’re not. Your mojo is to go on Facebook live to annoyingly pick at people like miss Peggy from sesame street, gain attention and later play the victim game. I could use your playbook but I respect women so I’m just going to give you the advises you urgently need, Lil Sister.

Try to build a reputable brand. You’re full of so much potential but you’re wasting it on things that do not matter. It’s clear that you do not understand anything about entertainment, so it’s better you quit and stick with your new niche. Tune down the controversy, stop intruding and try harder with fashion and your newly established cookbowl shop. You need to learn from your mates and invest your energy in worthy things. You claim to have money; you can start to use it to better the lives of others.

What have you done with all the money you claim have aside from looking down on people back home(Liberia) and using vulgar words? I bet, with that attitude you can’t make it in Liberia. In fact, you only got that so-called chicken change cuz you find yourself in the land of opportunity. Go do yourself a fave by Going To School in order to express yourself without using the f-word.

Madam Rich, I need you to shock me today and try saying something intelligent then we can start from there because so far, you’ve been trying really hard to humiliate yourself.

Happy Father’s Day🙏🏻🚶‍♂️

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