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Lonestar Cell MTN apology left them in discomfort as customers fire back.


June 7, 2019 thousand of Liberian lost coverage on their GSM networks, some could not recharge cards, every citizens could not access their social network to browser through and talk to friends on the internet. This went on for 12 hours or more. This situation came about the June 7 protest where the government decided to shut down all network through data means of not allowing the protest be broadcast live on any social platforms.

In Liberia we have two GSM companies that are under the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA), that is Lonestar Cell MTN and Orange GSM. Lonestar Cell MTN wrote an apology letter that never went down well with some of its customers and this might not just go easily with the company.

Read the note from Lonestar Cell MTN below:

Lonestar Cell MTN apologizes for the difficulties encountered in using some social media platforms on June 7.

This was due to the implementation of a regulatory directive from the Government of Liberia to restrict access to social media services.

As a good corporate citizen, we operate with the priority of ensuring the security and safety of our employees and customers, whilst ensuring that we meet all laws, regulatory obligations and directives as issued by the relevant authorities.

For more information on this issue, please contact the LTA.

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There are lot more comments from fans that shows their hurt and embarrassment they felt on that day. Read below.

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