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Former Miss District 8 Tells Muslim that their fast month could not save them or killing of innocent animals.


Religion is by choice and believes. Many people around the world worship in their own faith and worship God through many ways without judging or telling the others of their faith not being real or it’s not just the only way to get them to heaven. A lady who was once a super model, contesting in pageants and on musical video as a video girl turned to a convected Christian sometime last year and decided to burn the fire of Christianity through every homes and on social media, preaching online and at homes. Miss Beatrice Paye former Miss or let just say Miss District 8, in Montserrado County took to social media this evening and wrote a message sayin “Muslims brothers and sisters please don’t get me wrong, am not saying u shouldn’t kill ur goats 🐐 or whatever u want, thank u so much for keeping urself hungry for a month+ all in the name of fasting for Allah to forgive ur sin😩😩

But pls remember the only blood that can save u is the blood of Jesus Christ no amount of blood can save u but Jesus the king of all kings 🚶‍♀️”

This post drew the attentions of some Islamic believers that were once friends and followers of her, they decided to send her a message warning her as to how she took to them.

A Liberian Islamic man wrote saying

I guess this is my first time n this will be my last time advising you. continued ur religion and stop looking down on Islam.. please 🙏”

She actually try to send a message but guess she went the wrong way. Should she make a better post to make others understand or she truly meant what she said?

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