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A letter to the president on Death, Rape and much more that are affecting the nation of recent!


Dear Mr. President:

There is no way that smiles creep my desire for Justice in these times of moral decadence, societal ills, rape and unwanted murders, in a nation which we all fought and bled for. Yet, it is mournful that the chief feminist of the Republic of Liberia is being outsmarted by the fortunes and continuous existence of violent crimes against women, girls and the entirety of the Liberian People.

Mr. President: few months back, when it was reported on July 21, 2018 that a 13-year-old girl was gang-raped to death in Maryland County, Barrobo Statutory District by Alphonso Gaysu, 38, Geekor Matu, 42 and Roland Kwabo 18; I had assumed justice would have won a place in the hearts of every victim of rape and those who are extremely affected of injustice today.

Unfortunately little Mary (Not original name) sought for Justice and died in an innocent bloodshed. It is still sad to know that sexual violence is defeating and tearing apart your administration, as a result; rape is now being a religion, while injustice serves as order of the day, during a time of the ‘Country Giant’.

There are now government officials and prominent Liberians (Momolu O.V. Sirleaf, Employee of the Ministry of Health, Mosery Momo, Deputy Managing Director, LWSC and former student leader, LINSU Varney Jarsey) who still sit at the apex of national leadership and are yet to be investigated and prosecuted of crimes allegedly committed.

In fact, is Varney Jarsey still on medical bill, does Momlu O.V. Sirleaf still walk with impunity, what went wrong with the much anticipated- investigative report which we were promised by the Ministry of information to have had, after it was reported that quarter of Liberian school going kids were raped and affected with HIV/AIDs at the More Than Me Academy since 2012, where is justice in the case of little Vivien who was again, gang-raped to death in New Georgia, Montserrado county? Today, all of these cases under your administration are unresolved just as the days of Johnson-Sirleaf.

There is adverse weakness in the judicious system to actively adjudicate rape-related cases, there are biases in legal proceedings of gaining full-scale justice, there is lack of progressive and procedural reform in achieving sensitive justice, and there are enormous death rates due to your failure to act practically against crimes which impede the fundamental rights of Liberians. Mr. President, things are falling apart.

Mr. President, According to the Ministry of Gender, Children and social protection, 971 rape cases were reported from January – September 2018, under your administration, while Global Human Rights Index have reported that rape is the second most reported crime in Liberia. In sum, these reports do validate how unprepared our system of justice is, and how you have remained silent in these times that matter most to us. Your silence remains me of the thoughts of Marthin Luther King, Jr. which says: that, in the end we shall remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our best friend”.

As ‘country Giant’ and a best friend, yet, the rights to child protection and education is violated, that women are struck in sleepless nights, that our nation is entwined into ritualistic killings, that rapists are awarded and protected while victims are beheaded by the arrogance of injustice? This must stop!

I even wonder why, under your administration sexual violence and injustices are prevalent phenomenal of the darkest part of our democracy, I wonder why every day, minute and hour a child is raped and nothing is served as deterrent against those who are rapists in the Liberian society.

Mr. President, the sudden and controversial death of Odell Sherman, a Liberian High school student who is said to have been allegedly gang-raped has drawn my attention to ask you act in accordance of fairness. Since May 27, 2019, the Liberian National Police has failed to produce an autopsy relating to the cause of Odell Sharman’s death.

This is not strange, in 2019 when little Vievian was raped to death, Moses Carter, the official spoke person of the Liberian National Police on the Costa Show had promised the victim’s family that the Liberian National Police was working out to ascertain the death of Vievin.

Until then, little Vievien was buried without an autopsy.

Mr. President, let this be the least of all.

Meanwhile, the fact that we live in a fiery furnace of fear of our thoughts and injustices; if nothing is done into the case of Odell Sharman, in the next 73 hours, I will be left with no empathy of a worthy cause, but to file in a complaint against your failure to act and eventually sue your administration to the ECOWAS Court of Justice!

We will protest as much as we can,

We will walk a million miles

We will petition whoever,

Until Justice speaks out louder..

Sincerely yours;

Titus B. Pakalah, Jr.

Liberian Human Right Advocate



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