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Will Langenderick stay this time?


Many are wondering who’s this guy; he’s a hip-hop artist, a kind-hearted one. His vocals are rough base on the kind of story he put out in songs. He’s a good friend to rapper and producer Venny Best. Legenderick took to the media and made this recent pronouncement on his coming back to the music world.

God over everything

New song about to drop

I AM SORRY by LEGENDERICK #1hunnit luv apologies,RESPECT to all my friends & fans I am back #1hunni% I do luv you all but God luv your the best.

He’s someone who truly loves God, some time back he wanted to be called Genesis but nope he got stuck with the name legenderick.

Will legendary make a hit in the music game this time? That’s the only question on his fans’ mind.

Let’s wait for what legenderick been cooking.

Guess he’s telling someone special he’s sorry and this could be a blast to his career. Sorry for what? Legenderick looks too rough to say sorry but it seems a cold spirit is within. Let’s hope for this.

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