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Mr. Parbai Say he must show face. Is he?


On top of all things

Since Parbai drops his hit song “Love Oo” He was the top star of his time in his genre and on all radio, he came with another song featuring PCK and this time it was “Mama,” funny how this time fans never responded to the song even when he featured one Liberia golden voice on it. Parbai been on couples of songs with other artists Easyboi, a song called ”Tomato, ” Mr. Naature feature him on another song called ”For You” and a group song for which DJ Weezy, Boifatty and other were on with him it was called ”Trouble.” Parbai been in the game long before his hit song came out. Many people got to know him from that song and its certain that they are expecting him to be one of the best artist by now, but he not keeping to the task, his songs are getting lost of the media and on speakers.

Due to the lack of interest fans are showing him, he stops posting attractive images, but he’s likely showing the fans that he’s standing on all things; he’s now standing on Canoe and even tricycle just show he can show that he’s still on top of things. Parbai needs to work hard and keep the fame up.

He is losing the fan’s base and this could be a knockdown for him sooner like other older artists in Liberia that could not keep up with the task.

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