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Bucky Raw Dick Got An Admirer


The Mic is not just making Bucky Raw famous anymore but it’s like the attraction from his pants is gathering huge fans amongst the female fans. His rap game is a bomb, a guy that doesn’t move away from the studio and always sending out punch lines.

A sexy and beautiful lady by the name Cambria S. Jackson posted that she want to suck Bucky Dick. Bucky is likely to be in trouble if his girl friend sees this.

This look embarrassing to her, posting her wish on Social Media especially on Bucky Nation (Facebook) where you have thousands of fans for Bucky Raw.

This look like she have been texting Bucky Raw to just have this one wish but he never replied to any of her messages, she had no option left to keep this as a private message anymore but let it open to the public.

She said on her Facebook profile that she’s only goes for girls; but why now she’s asking for a dick to suck? This means she’s indeed in need for this dick and for sure Bucky will grant her that lovely wish. Something more than sucking will take place.

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