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Beyan Flomo Pewee is adapting to what?


The chief executive office of YOCEL and the boss man of Liberia national speeding beef contest Beyan Flomo Pewee is seriously adapting to something that we don’t know of.He’s presently in Nigeria attending the African Development Bank CSO forum in Abuja.

He is looking forward to discussing the challenges on African education systems faced and present a new approach to education that will foster community entrepreneurship and social capital investment.That’s a brilliant one, but the biggest question, here is, where did Beyan took this hair style from?

December 2018 he started this.

His hair statue started way back a year ago when he came from Kenya on another submit.The people’s CEO and managing director are seriously branding himself to be another man from another place.

His present look and old look. Which one is better

He never told people why this new style came from and why he’s doing it. Bald head is one thing many people are wishing to cover, but it’s very hard, even though technology is advance that they got cream and other attachment to get one the head but yet it’s still not a solving problem for that kind of hair problems. Beyan Pewee is actually fighting his way through to get a bald head.

Can this be possible after he fought his way to get Kobe’s hair style, but now he’s doing it all bald head.

Beyan can we know this hair style name?

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