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Skin Diseases Locally Called ‘Be Serious’ Ravaging Children in River Cess County.


The emergence of a rare skin disease known in Liberia as “Be Serious” has sparked fear amongst residents of Charlie Town in Rivercess County.

Residents, mainly parents, say children who are under 15 years of are seriously infected.

They are afraid that the disease is contiguous and is fast spreading rashes on the bodies of school-going-kids.

They are afraid that the situation will become an emergency, due to lack of adequate medication at the only clinic in the area.

Joe Gbessigie, a resident of the town, says he’s worried that instead of providing medicines, the clinic only gives patients prescriptions to buy drugs from private pharmacies.

Gbessigie wants the Ministry of Health to support Charlie Town Public clinic with more drugs.

And Nathaniel Zoklah, the Township Commissioner, says some kids who are affected by the disease are in school, and he’s concerned that the sitaution poses risk to other pupils.

“At this time of the school year, keeping children who are affected with the disease may affect their education, so the kids are in schools with their friends but it is risky also,” Commissioner Zoklah said.

“They are interacting, eating together and this disease has the ability to spread through contact, so more children risk being affected.”

The residents have not been able to state the actual cause of the disease, but some are assuming that it is waterborne.

Some of the residents in Charlie Town and its surroundings said the hand pumps that are a major source of drinking water are all damaged, forcing residents to fetch water from creeks.

Source: Liberia Newsdesk

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