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The crown of queens – Misses of Liberia


This news is getting more interesting as the rope keeping pulling what is in the hole. The just ended Miss Earth Liberia beauty pageant is getting teasing, as the winner was announced and it was Georgia L Bemah, even though it ended good and everyone are happy with the results this time; but why there are there too much finger pointing back at the director of the Miss Earth Liberia? After one of the contestant, Miss Fire came out with an open latter, now it’s Miss Joicet Jartu Foday, former Miss Earth Liberia 2018, she represented Liberia last year in Miss Earth International in Philippine. She decided to share her experiences encounter with Miss Wokie Dolo, present Miss Liberia from 2016 to present!

Read what Miss Joicet Jartu Foday wrote.

“So I never wanted to get involved in this whole Miss Earth Liberia issue but I need to clear my heart.

Firstly Congratulations Georgia Bemah on winning Miss Earth Liberia 2019.

As Miss Earth Liberia 2018 I was really disrespected by Wokie Dolo whom is the National Director for Miss Earth Liberia.

I attended the Miss Earth Liberia 2018 audition in September and Wokie called me and said the Judges picked me as the Winner. When I first met Wokie she actually seemed like a nice person but then I think things changed. Talking to Wokie was very hard so, her Sister “Natu” was like the middle woman she would help to talk to wokie about all the issues I had. Before my departure to Philippines in October my life was a living hell! Wokie would command me to go for sponsors visits most times, at the same time I’m writing and going to people to help me. at the end of the day I received 100 usd from Wokie, I asked her what happened to all the sponsors that we visited and she said I didn’t ask her sooner and that when she was going for Miss World no one helped her so I’m responsible for My Plane tickets and Everything. After Struggling and with the help of my families I Spend almost 3000 USD for my trip. I had to come up with that money within one month.

The Miss Earth Pageant was fun all because of my Miss Earth Sisters, but what I went through before my departure made me depressed at the Miss Earth 2018 competition.

After the competition I still kept in touch with her.

Now She had all the Miss Earth Liberia 2019 activities And I wasn’t invited to none .

Two days before the Miss Earth Liberia coronation she sent me the Miss Earth flyer ( just the flyer ) and I send her question mark and she didn’t reply.

There have been lot of things going on of lately and we see lots of fans and followers of Miss Wokie Dolo are not happy with her at all. This is a screenshot of one of her fans and supporter.

There were more comments. Guess that Miss Wokie need to talk to her people as soon as possible, they are calling on her. Maybe this is not a time for silence but to clear the air ways.

This was the message that brought out all other relating stories of our Miss Liberia attitudes towards other misses or few she might have come across due to her work life.

It seems to be there are more hidden stories coming out.

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