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Influencers drops heart breaking messages about Liberia.


Liberia was a sweet land of liberty, but now it has turned around to another thing. With a population of 4million plus human beings and half of the population is in Montserrado County, only because these people find easy access to opportunities due to the fact the capital city, Monrovia is in Montserrado county. Young men and women who have provided their obedience to their family, given up their time to be potential youth to Liberia and also put their family name up higher seems to be giving up on a nation they called their own.

A photo model (Natasha Smith) that rock the media few months ago with beautiful images of her and a model friend in wrapper with tasteful fruits at their back is now calling out in pain as she blasted out without any fear at her country. Due to her perfect collection of images a young man saw reasons to get a wife in Liberia. Let’s see the twit she made about her own country.

Prolific a poetry writer and a publisher at Tunes Liberia seemed to be having lot more problems with Liberia then any other. He sees Liberia as an academic level or a job experience as it gives you more to add up to your life even in writing your CV, it should be added like a life experience or educational experience.

Liberia that everyone knew was flourishing with the goodies to life for a little population doing the days our grand parents and parents called it “Normal Days“. Prolific is a great writer and very supportive in whatever way he’s able to help anyone. If someone like this could come up with such a statement, then this means there should be a lookup.

Karishma came from the engineering side of life and burst into the entertainment arena a year ago, but of recent, she been trying to put on her influencer crown to make more contributions to the youth development in Liberia. She dropped several notes on Liberia, and it’s dead acts and how Liberia is a no-good place for career.

Why is it that young people are in pain in this glorious land of liberty? Liberia that we once heard about when we were all kids have never proven to us that it is glorious and free. People careers die down; their skills just get old with them and no benefits; education is a mess, and the society sees nothing good in anyone living in Liberia except those that travel out and come back.

Due to this, many young people are frustrated and got too much pain in their hearts. What is happening to Liberia? These are the biggest questions everyone asking themselves all day.

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