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Musical Duo Soul Fresh At the Verge of Breakup


It is an unfortunate situation, but it is about to happen. 

This situation is about the pending breakup of the all-male musical duet Soul Fresh and Shinning Man, the group containing rapper JB and Shinning.
The breakup, which has been in the pipeline since the start of this year,  reach a boiling point when JB, the lead rapper of the group posted a message on social media blaming Shinning Man and DJ Don for ruining his birthday party celebration last week.
Responding, Shinning Man on a Facebook story post accused JB of not been a real friend; thus opening a Pandora box of serious exchange. 
Our sources said: “The visible harsh exchange of words between the two is clear evidence of a serious breakdown in their decade and a half relationships. 
The two has been on a course of a breakup, but the current situation has just escalated it.  Right now, the duet is no longer on a good term.
Even if things work out, they may not stay long together due to the current bad blood between them,” our source said.
The argument between the two which resulted in the fight started, according to eyewitnesses when Shinning Man approached his girlfriend Sherine Huballa, who has gone to JB birthday celebration with DJ Don.
Eyewitnesses added the situation escalated when DJ Don who have taken his friend just reacted with an angry word after been told the rapper that he should stay away from his girlfriend.
DJ reply did go down well with Shinning man who responded with an insult; thereby resulting in the fight that led to him being flogged and serious injury,” the source added.
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