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Encouragement to Liberian filmmakers – Jay U Boye unzipped it


He’s not just a guy that love putting arts together but he’s an award winner. Jay U Boye is set to make bigger deal out of Liberia. Since his appointment in the new Liberia Movie Union, lot of things been dropping on his timeline. Jay U Boye got lot to Inform his fans and his nation about. Signing 3years contract with Nigeria biggest movie platform IROKO, and as well as UK television network, ROK on Sky network in the UK. read the quote below.

“Encouragement to Liberian filmmakers.

I just signed a 3 year contract with Nigeria’s biggest movie platform IROKO and as well UK television network ROK on SKY network in the UK. You will also get to view our content on DSTV, On ROK and “GOtv”.

I encourage all Liberian filmmakers to think out the box. Create quality content not just for Liberia but for international platforms. This will help our actors and actresses get recognised and get international contracts. It will help our industry gets international recognition as well”

This means good for all movie stars in Liberia.

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