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Look Towards Bushrod Island

Beautiful Liberia - Beautiful Bushrod Island and It's nature of love


Bushrod Island, Connection from Monrovia, two bridges, old and new bridges, We have Waterside, and we have the Due River. Leaving Monrovia City, which is the capital, going towards Capemount County, you pass on the island, you go through, communities that are on the island, Logan Town, Clara Town, Jamaica Road, New Kru Town, Dualah, and the list goes on. This island seems to be one of Liberia biggest island. Many people don’t realize they are on an island because it is so big and to notice it leaves you deciding if you are truly on an island or you just guessing. It ends at St. Paul Bridge, the St. Paul River.

Bushrod Island is so beautiful with a lot of trading going on every day, you come across the seaport, for which we called it “Freeport.” On this island we have another bridge that connects it with the Somalia drive road, that has a lot more beautiful communities.

If you ever want to visit and see this island, you are welcome, because below the bridge of this island on your way from Monrovia, under the New bridge that is now the old bridge, since the old one got broken and replaced, you see one of Liberia most beautiful and historical island called Providence island. A historical place for the free slave settlement, you have a park there as well before reaching to the water side market.


There are a lot more to discover on Bushrod Island. If you never knew it as an Island, now you know. There are more beautiful images and video coming your way. Welcome to Liberia.

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