Home Entertainment Paul Flomo is about to pump tire.

Paul Flomo is about to pump tire.


Paulo Paulo, Paul Paulo, the real Paul Flomo is not making love lazy. This is not like a movie scene. Paul Flomo of recent got into a relationship far away in Australia. As the story goes, he got engage to this woman he claimed to be the love of his life, She’s called Rose.

On his Facebook page he said he’s living in Ghana, and Engage to Rose Harris Flomo. 😲 How come she’s already carrying his last name, or maybe they both had the same last names.

It’s so touching to know this lady came from this long distance to get engage to this comedian, made it public; this engagement was one talk of the time. Now we see Paul Flomo all into a romantic kissing and bed moves with an unknown lady. The lady is the one taking the selfie while Paul is in the right position to keep looking sexy and willingly he accepts her do this.

Paul Flomo and Rose Flomo, Engage partners

Could it be like this is his Liberian girl friend that was kept on the side to take the heat and hurt now she’s using this means to turn the Australian lady heart against Paul Flomo or she wants her relationship back? Guess it’s a payback or something. Look at the pictures and see how they are all so romantic in bed kissing.

With this image, guess there’s going to be a lot of explaining Paulo will have to explain to his engage lady.

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