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Zimbabweans Fight Back


This is going back to back now. No man is leaving their fellow citizens to suffer the wrath of another man just because they think they are right.

Zimbabweans Fights Back South Africa’s Xenophobia Attacks. Burning South African Trucks and Properties in their side of the border.

This should now be a wake up call for Africans leaders to settle this matter once and for all or its going to be a cross borders crisis that will lead to nations closing gates at each other.

Let us look at few images of burning cars and properties of South Africans that were burnt down by Zimbabweans.

This is what we called payback and if this continues we might expect it crossing to other nations. Nigerians were treated in worst situations and Nigerians did nothing about it, they would have close down companies own by South Africans but they never did, burnt down their homes and killed their citizens living in their country but they never did.

Let’s look at few comments from people who see this in another way.

Many people are not happy with what’s happening from the South Africans side. South Africa leader need to be strong enough and understand that his people are making a big mistake that will creating bigger problem for travels and other economic benefits to their nation growth and trust for human lives.

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