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The Rumors of Henry Destanko (King Pharaoh or Transporter) Death


Well-known in Paynesville city as the head of the gang and not just well known for that but also well known to be a humble soul. The rumors leading to the death of King Pharaoh is said to as follows. Before Saturday morning on April 6, 2019 the actual date King Pharaoh was killed by Man Devil, the story following why a man took another man’s life.


Rumors reaching Man Devil that King Pharaoh was in a love affair with one of his girl friends and tried reaching out to warn Pharaoh about it but never saw him on his block for which he-Man devil went there with few of his gang security from the sinkor belt with a warning to King Pharaoh squad, unfortunately King Pharaoh was no where to be found. Power


At the opening of the modern Miami Beach, Abuja Bar all the gangsters from all part of Montserrado were seated to grace the occasion of this modern beach opening, giving recognition to all the top gang leaders it was something to watch, their supporter shout out their names, and they gain more followers but when King Pharaoh had a touchdown on the beach, the whole crowd went wide, the common men, the little kids, the big stars, musicians, actors, government officials, police officers and big-business men who were at the scene shake hands with the King Pharaoh. This brought hard feelings to the Man Devil as to how can this little boy from nowhere be gaining so much power and respect in our own zone.

How far Pharaoh territory grew:

King Pharaoh was controlling over thousands of mobsters, hijackers, criminals, from GSA, Red-light, Duazon, Thinkers Village, the whole Paynesville belt for which it’s the biggest city right now in Liberia to Barnesville junction. He and his men had issues to handle when call upon by community dwellers and business men and women, he knew how to put things in order when it comes to leadership.

King Pharaoh and DJ Weezy

The habit of king Pharaoh:

This young Guy was a gang leader, full with discipline and leadership ability. He smoked weed and cigarettes only, drink alcohol, and he was not a womanizer. He had a path he knew. He loved soccer and plays well with his boys most time at the LBS Basketball Court, ELWA junction. He had guys controlling the playground in that area and had everything under control, and he was a member of One Heart Organization, the first humanitarian organization to make Paynesville city be remembered for its sporting activities and the organization that stood up to the task to fight for the LBS playground.

That’s how he was appointed to take control of the playground and make sure it’s kept under control. He recently cut his hair and decided to be a change man, he was thinking about leaving the gang life right before his life was taken.

How he got in the hands of Man Devil:

According to rumors, King Pharaoh also known as Transporter was called by his own boys whom someone wanted to meet with him, he Pharaoh took his time and went with his girl friend to see how it was; the meeting was held on Miami Beach; this was he was killed in cold blood by Man Devil. It happens that Man Devil took the body of Pharaoh and went with it. News reaching the gangster of Paynesville that their leader was killed, they arose to take revenge. From Paynesville city to Sinkor, they took the whole street with motorcycle, and other means they could get over to Fiamah in no time. The went in search for Man Devil, burned down his home, businesses got closed down and few market sellers’ loss their business while running for their lives as strange men attacked that community with machettes .

King Pharaoh and AForDoe

What gives Man Devil Rights:

Man Devil is a gang leader in Sinkor, Fiamah. He took the stand as Robin Hood for community dwellers and helped them get ride of thieves and hunts down troubling criminals; this guy gets direct order from parents and residence of his area giving complains to him to get their children stabilize rather than reaching it to the law, the police to get a rapid solution to their children and other happing in their community. This hasn’t been the first-time Man Devil have killed any man whom the public knows and went sky free with his right to end another man’s life. Man Devil took a stand as a revenge to kill King Pharaoh because a man of Man Devil was beaten, his arms were broken two to three times, and a video was sent to Man Devil, in the video King Pharaoh was said to have spoken saying he did it.

Date of King Pharaoh Death:

Saturday morning, April 6, 2019, the gang leader of Paynesvile city was found lying dead with wounds in his back and head. His crew reacted, and residence said they didn’t even think the faces they sawed, still existed. The DEA, and City Police reacted in defending the people and had five men arrested, with others’ gang fleeing and threatened to come back, leaving fear all over, later the police took over the situation and the body scene.

April 6, 1996 almost surface on April 6, 2019.

In the act of going for revenge, the gang also took to entertainment centers and had it broken down as if they had few places on their list for taking out of business but this was one of their wrong moves.

Officially here’s the body of King Pharaoh

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