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Chauncy Yarngo Dream to open a school to teach food preparation – Kola Culinary Institute


Giving back to your country is one of the biggest gift any citizen and bring forth. Many Liberians out of Liberia in the diaspora are coming back home to make positive changes in the lives of those back home who don’t have the means to get proper and advance studies. Chauncy is good at preparing food of all kind, he have a dream to give back to Liberia in his field of specialist and this was just what he wrote down for the world to give in.

Now it’s time to go and donate. Having a cooking school in Liberia is a must, not only is there a void, but Liberians and other African countries need to learn how to handle food safely. I told myself that if I ever got back home I would try to open a restaurant because I thought everyone already knew about food and safety standards and were privy protocols when preparing food. When I finally had a chance to go back home to Liberia, I found out that this is not the case and there is no organization to make sure restaurants prepare our food following the proper guidelines to make it is safe and healthy..

My first step is opening a cooking school to teach the basic steps when it comes to cooking, food and safety standards. The school would be a 6 to 12 month program.You can attend for 6 month to get basic instructions or 12 month to learn how to manage a restaurant. We will open the school once or twice a month to the public to showcase what the students have learned, such as serving, cooking, food presentation, taking orders, customer service.

We can look into internships with local hotels and restaurants as part of the training program. When the students graduate, we will try to have job placement for them so they won’t feel like they are by themselves. Also, the school can be hired to cater big events. We can look into transportation for students who live far away. Students will be given breaks and free meals and clean drinking water. I’d like to set it up so that any leftover food at the end of the day will be donated to orphanages or schools.

Every year we will set up interviews or a competition to give away a scholarship for students who want to attend the school. We will have relationships with local farms and fishermen to teach the students how food is grown.They can be aware of where food comes from, using fresh ingredients and seasonal produce.”

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