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Know this and it’s just Observation #6


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These are few nations in West Africa that I have personally observe and took few tips down. These five nations shares similar things that are not listed here in details but you will see their differences as you read through.

Nigeria 🇳🇬:

They believe they Knows all and are proud of themselves in always of life.

Ghana 🇬🇭:

They believe they are the Best in All and nobody can compete with them in anything.

Guinea 🇬🇳:

They Believes In Religion and Tradition because they see the Bible and Qua-ran as their direct instruction to live and their tradition guides them to act accordingly to their fellow men.

Sierra Leone 🇸🇱:

They Believe In self development and courage to push on no mater what. They see tradition as one of their first steps to success through ethics and they believe in success at all cost they accept each other religion on 50/50 with no boundaries. They support each other till the end.

Liberia 🇱🇷:

They believe they can’t make it without copying from another nationality, they don’t respect religion and traditions, they pretends to each other. They believe they are of all nationalities and culture so for such reasons they lost their heritage. They don’t support but castigates.

Note: These are just five countries that you can observe and learn more from. This is my observation #6. If you want to see other observations, go to my official website and search observations.

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