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Lonestar becomes a disappoitment to Fans


Waiting near the radio, running from one video club and asking, which channel will this qualifier match (Africa National cup) between Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo will be played on, Liberians lately fall in disappointment as to a defeat by 1-0 when all that was needed was a draw or win.

Today becoming one of the worst days ever to lose hope on the National Soccer team of Liberia(Lonestar) from its fans and supporters, after the president of the republic promised the team hundred thousand united state dollars($1000.000USD) if they just win today’s game but still that could not motivate them to win.

Today, all our senior Soccer starts including William Jebor, Sam Johnson , Tonia Tisdell among others were all wasteful and couldn’t give Liberia the needed win.

Fans are asking for the team to put down the Weah eleven jersey number and let the new Lonestar players number change by starting from 30 – 99. Now they called the goalkeeper the man of the match even though he got one nail behind him.

After the game, fans decided to relooked into the game as to how the goal came and what was the problem, just to get a clear view, it was an outside goal leak but the officials from Liberia never saw that only because they know nothing much about analyzing but only accepting what is given to them.

This game was a total disappointment to soccer fans that supported the Lonestar Forever.

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