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The beauty of Mangrove in Liberia


What is a mangrove?

A mangrove is a tree or shrub that grows in chiefly tropical coastal swamps that are flooded at high tide.

Mangroves typically have numerous tangled roots above ground and form dense thickets.


Here are some facts about mangroves:

– Mangroves are major regulators of climate change.

– There are 6 major species of mangroves in Liberia.

– Mangroves capture and store 34 million metric tons of carbon annually.


In Liberia we see mangrove in almost all the swamp land and they make the swamp looks beautiful and attractive for tourist, even the great Libasa is a mangrove land, the ELWA land reaching toward the ocean is cover with Mangrove, the Peace and Paco island are cover with mangrove and the seventh second swamp is also cover with mangrove.

Taking a big tour around Liberia you are going to see a lot more then what have been mentioned in this short article.

Liberia is beautiful and had lot of attraction to make you wanna make movies, take pictures and even make documentaries.

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