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Missed the concept of continuity – Married to Engage


Baby O” was a great move, the video was a stylish one with a model, and the storyline brought more juice to the video creation along with the individuals in the story except for which PCK had no right to be in it, that was one of the worst parts of the video. Now the new release music video “For Life” lack continuity in it, the artist got married in the first video which was “Baby O” to Sexy model Shalom but in this other “For Life” he engaged Master Queen. Fault full video and the actions in it almost look like WizKid and Tiwa Savage release “Fever” that blow the Internet wide.

This video is cool, scenes are impeccable and romantic but the copying of this video was too much in relating to other musical videos internationally; similar things happen to “Baby O” as well with the storyline, concept and even the song style. A lot of copies from “Will You Still Love Me” by Brian Nhira.Many fans of Stunna have realized his style of music always came from other artist songs as a “copy and do mine” he’s good for the voice but lack creativity.

He looks for what the world goes for and does a direct copy of it. Bad concept and a style that kills talents that is if you have one.Using Master Queen now and then using Shalom is not bad but the continuous part of his music with Shalom would have been better, if he is always copying from Brian Nhira and Kuami Eugene, he should see what happen in “Angela” with the continuation and same with “Will You Still Love Me” though it is Brian’s wife he’s using in the actual video but most of the world never knew until lately, and it wasn’t Kuami girl friend he used, but after he used her two times to base his music of continuity to gain his fans favors and keeps them on track, that gives him that strength he has now.

Continuity leads to progress even if you have issues with the same person, but it is business, and it draws attention to your brand and your style, Simi and Falz, Adekunle and Simi and the list go on to better continuity with them. As It was stated above the video was a great one but continuity is what Stunna lack and one thing through observation, Stunna and his management don’t do a request from his most supportive fans as to how they can help in storylines to see if what they have on their whiteboard is correct or not.

Fans respond to Stunna style.

If Stunna does this again and again, he will lose fans and is a video will look like a summary of others work” Tony Bennie explained

“Stunna is attractive, but most time he lost track of himself like in the Inyana featuring, and he’s always trying to get in people’s style when his feature with them like when he went to Nigeria, he wanted to act like WizKid and sound like him.” Teta Teah explained.

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