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Bintu Trending On Club Events in Liberia. Queens Do things that the crown requires.


Among female planners in Liberia, we have extreme and brilliant ones that bring about considerable programs, and it becomes a success. Bintu Charmie Kromah is one of the most successful club and party planner in Liberia; she goes on with expensive programs at her clubs that bring great stars from all part of Africa.

Bintu got the source of making things happen. She is beautiful, smart and a woman of substance that can take the worst and make it the best through her skills of planning events for parties and club movements. Her Club is exclusive and has great style to fit all the needs of everyone in this entertainment lifestyle. She brought up the Raggae Night (Drink and Win) and now the Spot Light party. Introducing more to her club that gives ladies gifts for making the best Face best done. That’s entertainment, pay and benefit .

If you look at all her club events, they have been successful, and if you know entertainment truly you will state that she has been bringing great stars at her club, and it bring out the spice in entertainment in Liberia balling point. More on Queens Night Club is loading on this platform. Guess you wanna see the side story of the club. Working with Stars like, Frank Artus, having female general in her comfort zone at her club straight from Nigeria, Stunna and Bucky Raw one time spot for flexing, all the bigger boys and stars that count dollars ball right at her call on all events she carry out at her club.

She’s called the President daughter because she is

Have just piece of the club view and see what you been expecting before seeing the actually beauty of the dance styles and the DJ that make you moves your body, the bar tenders and the waitress that give you reasons to buy more drinks because of their kind approach and how they serve you.

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