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Bilikon Boss Cries Out For Promotion


Music is food to the soul, so true and it open the mind to positive things. Years back Bilikon was number one in entertainment activities; their artists were number one at all programs in the city. Today Lyee K. Bility wrote on his Facebook wall to address the issue of other DJs, and promoters are not helping to promote or talk about his artists’ new songs when it’s out.

He wrote these lines.

Other record label drop a song. All the DJ and promoters run for it. Bilikon Drop Song, I muh drop small tin before u play my music. Smt. I bill gates ehn… I finish with fakers this 2019 ooo… Im staying with my day one promoters and DJs. You like it u play, u na like it don’t play. “

This is like he’s thinking people have things against he and his team, or it’s like they see him to once promote his team music of all time on his radio and Television station always and not other artists or record label.

Mr. Bility need to check up platforms that do promote him without being paid, or called to promote him. He should look out to promoters by the road side that promotes his artists at all times that made them won awards and not just he and his team alone or their fans, promoters from all around Liberia played his artists’ songs and notwithstanding dance to it throughout clubs and parties.

Some fans and supports as well as promoters request that if he’s not sending it to them out of respect to hear it and know what it is about or even recognizing them as promoters they won’t play his artists songs and it’s not all

about money but if money is included let it be spend.

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