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Things You Need To Know About MYS – Cricket game hits our sports list.


In waiting for more developing stories and bigger things to happen in Liberia, the ministry of Youth and Sports has looked into the situation of people getting involve with other sports that will enable better opportunities for the young people of this nation.

Liberia Cricket Tournament Begins March 13 , 2019

Oxford Brown writes.

The improvement and development of sports in Liberia is a fundamental priority to this government. In pursuant of this, the Ministry of Youth and Sports headed by an astute sportsman and a consummate administrator, D. Zeogar Wilson, in April 2018 launched Cricket game to stimulate the folks who are interested in the game.

This aggressive initiative to recalibrate and revitalize the development and improvement of all the sports programs to commensurate with present day sporting reality is a clear manifestation that Minister Zeogar Wilson and the Senior Management Team are instituting new dynamism to rebrand the Ministry’s programs, thus, creating enabling and conducive sporting environment .

As Minister of Youth and Sports, his matured and ingenious opinion couple with his dexterity, intelligence, valor and intestinal fortitude is riveting and as brought a paradigm shift in the Ministry

Because of his passion and commitment to sports development and enhancement, The Liberia National Cricket Federation Incorporated (LNCF) will begin its first Cricket tournament called Tally Globe Cup IPL Liberia Season 2 on March 13 to May 5, 2019.

The games will be play during Sundays and Holidays. 12 teams will be in a fierce battle at the SKD Complex for the gigantic Tallay Globe Cup.

The tournament will be sponsored by Tallay Globe IT Solution in association with the Liberia National Cricket Federation Incorporated. Cricket is the 2nd most popular Sports to Soccer, with 2.5 billion fans world wide

Indeed, the Senior Management Team had demonstrated and continues to demonstrate good leadership ability and strong wiliness to reduce unemployment and create an enabling environment for young people to have their say in national development.

Bravo!!!!!! And thanks for the profound job in the interest of national renewal. Enhancing The Pro Poor Agenda. More to come!!!!!!

We welcome a new game in Liberia that will help open the mind of young people to get involve and establish a profession from this. As this is one of the development to the pro poor development we look forward to seeing more of this.

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