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The Late Quincy B Thank You Concert In View

Fundraising Concert of the late Quincy B - March 3, 2019


In memory of the late Quincy B, Friends, family, and well-wishers came together to host this grand Concert and Fundraising program for his foundation that is presently on the edge of being established to carry out his dream and legacy. In light of this program coming to the public in a request for fans and friends to help generate some amount to help bring the lost artist back to those who he saw he could have helped when alive. Donation from artists, fans, and supporters was made on that night of March 3, 2019, at the Sports Commission Basketball court, we had Master Queen of Hott Fm as the MC, alongside comedian and musician.

A big appreciation to all those who made this night a success through donation and helping with materials as to stereo set, PA System, LIVE carry out of the entire program by GMZ TV, Joy TV, Diamond Online and Boss Media TV and few other groups that contributed media report program be a success. 2Sweets and family donated one thousand United state dollars ($1000.00USD), Quincy B Uncle Donated Five hundred United State Dollars ($500.00USD), followed by Master Queen, Artists form the group and the list goes on as performing artists and comedian encourage fans who also paid to enter with L$300.00 to come on and drop few dollars in the box for a better contribution in bringing this man (Late Quincy B) dream to reality, for which is going to help his children and help their father’s name to remain on earth as he’s already in the hearts of people every day as his music played on every radio stations, in our phones and other electronic devices, musical video and pictures are still circulating around the web, not forgetting that his sound of greatness from the studio is still being used by producers and other artists.

Let us look at a few sums of pictures that were taken on the night of the concert and Fundraising program. This was on March 3, 2019.

This is how the whole program went down, from one artist to another performing all through the night to keep their fans and those of the late Quincy B spirit alive for his fans and for the world to witness the love they have for him. Few artists that took the night wide were Young Zee, Christoph, CIC, Jaredo, Eric Geso, MC Caro, Scientific, Rabi Nas, JB Soul fresh, Stunna, Anitram and other great artists along side few underground artists that brought light to this program and took the night through.

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