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Hope For Change is on – Rural Dweller smiles back.


The making of a nation is a history for other generations to come and see. Liberia has been in poverty for years with low life living standard of house. This was one of the hope for change the president of Liberia talked about. President George Weah finally started the rural housing establishments that he promised the Liberia people.

Taking to his personal page on Facebook he drop this note:

I’m excited to announce that my vision to transform the standard of living of our rural dwellers, precisely by upgrading their homes from mud brick homes to concrete homes; has started with the Sasstown development project.

In an effort to avoid demolition of their existing homes; which will prevent them from being homeless during the construction period, we have devised a strategy wherein we will build the new homes at a different location; and once the construction is done, they can then move into the newly constructed homes while we demolish the old ones and encourage them to do agriculture at the site of their old homes.”

Let see images below of the present project:

This is just the start of the work and efforts towards the development of people’s lives in the rural areas of Liberia. With this plan that is already taken into action, many Liberians will see reasons to visit their villages and see better homes to sleep in and learn their people’s way of life.

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