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Hott TV Video Awards 2019


A year plus, Hott TV has been working and serving the public. This year Hott TV is bringing out this one of a kind award to the public that will make Liberians around the world and in Liberia to be able to benefit from their video and video, in particular, Liberian video which makes up, musical video, comedy videos, movies, and the list goes on. In April 2019 this program official website will be out for viewing and nomination of the video awards.

Hott FM/TV crew standing with the media team after the press conference

This is going to be one of its kind, Hott FM/TV crew is gearing up for December 21 Video awards that will bring Liberians from all around the world, bringing African entrepreneurs, journalists, media groups from big nations and even the MTV platform will carry it.

Hott TV is encouraging all Liberian movies maker to take their work to their station for broadcasting. Hott TV have decided not to show foreign musical videos, movies and comedies big 100% Liberians and that’s just how it is going to be. This is a great opportunity for Liberian to accept and start making better videos and writing good scripts and doing good musical video cos this Video award is going to make you get outside and face the world on DSTV.

Robin Dopoe From Daily Observer asked

How do you intend to make this award different from all other awards in Liberia and how they are going to benefit?

DJ Blue answer to the question:

”Artists will achieve views and taking your videos to the world will be one of your benefits. And this means that Liberians music, movies are going to be channel continental on the DSTV platform, international media platforms are going to be at the awards show to make sure that the work you do will be carry everywhere in Africa and the world in general.”

What level of transparency? Robin and Sheik of Diamond Online asked.

This work is not going to be trusted with only those on the ground in Liberia. It’s going to include all Liberians in the diaspora to work and give out better judgment on how things will be done for the category listing that will be placed on the site and through the voting process we will have other team members from all part of the world where Liberian entertainment is raising high to do their judgment.”

Is it only the videos that are played on your station/TV will be awarded? Anthony Fofana MV of Gossip Liberia asked.

Double H answer saying. ”No! And that is a brilliant question but we are going to work with every video we can come a cross and once the website is up more details will come in.”

This video awards is going to be featuring all those that are in the making of the videos, the makers and everyone behind the scene that made the video, this means it’s going to be a whole crew award for one video and also the mean individual who’s in the video as the mean focus.

At this little press conference, we had,

Gossip Liberia, Diamond Online, Best Wind, Music Liberia, Plus Liberia and Liberia Daily Observers

A big thanks to the entire team of Hott FM/TV. Great move and the public is.now expecting more from your.

This is progress.

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