A year plus now Hott TV has been working and serving the public. This year Hott TV is bringing out this one of a kind award to the public that will make Liberians around the world and in Liberia to be able to benefit from their video and video makers. In April 2019 this program official website will be out for viewing and nomination of the video awards.

This is going to be one of its kind, Hott FM/TV crew is creating up for December 21 Video awards that will bring Liberians from all around the world.

Hott TV is encouraging all Liberian movies maker to take their work to the station fly broadcasting, where they will be showing on Liberian movies, music and music video at large.

Bloggers, Promoters, Writers and the Hott FM Crew

Robin Dopoe From Daily Observer asked
“How do you intend to make this award different from all other awards in Liberia and how they are going to benefit?”

Artists will achieve view and taking your video to the world will be one of your benefits. And this means that Liberians music, movies are going to be channel continental on the DSTV platform, international media platforms are going to be at the awards show to make sure that the work you do will be carried everywhere in Africa and the world in general.

What’s the level of transparency?
This work is not going to be going on with only those on the ground in Liberia. It’s going

Double H (Left) DJ Blue (Middle) Cypher The King (Right)

to include all Liberian in the diaspora to work and give out better judgment on how things will be done for the category.

This video award is going to be featuring all those that in the making of the videos, the makers and everyone behind the scene that made the video a great one.


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