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Ja-Redo give Bucky Raw a Twitting Reply


Bucky is likely thinking that he won’t win the award from either shows, either from Tunes Liberia or Liberia Entertainment Awards due to the fact he see his competitors are huge and have the record to make them win, so he spit out words that could make others feel getting an award in Liberia entertainment industry is nothing and has no value but someone came back at him with a reply that could lead him scary enough to think better.

”If you win an award in Liberia industry your price stays the same. If even you had one, to begin with,🙁 Grammy thoughts 💭”

Ja-Redo who’s the youngest singer from the SOG record empire never like the statement made on social media by the TrapCo guru, Bucky Raw, so he decided to give him a reply this time.

”lol yet your manager walked out of the hall when you lost the Artiste of the year award to CIC😂😂.. let’s stop the fake social media talk..”

Did Bucky reply? No, he never did. This means the message was clear and it made a good point. Or maybe Bucky has more to show to SOG in a release album that might drop soon.

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