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Did it happen last night, Ring or Kiss?

Guess Love Takes Two


The most promising social media platform blogging page, Chichipoly room capture images from TM Mall rooftop last night as Stunna and DJ Master Queen has a reach out to each other for a huge but turn out to look like a kiss, but something else might have stuck in. The two who continue to get caught on Camera seems to be going lover ride on the edge of their celebrity life.

People are asking ”do age matters in a relationship?” This question answer is a big NO. Video coverage photo tag proved other things and the artist too was posting about the engagement, but did it happen that way last night with an engagement or just a huge that turn to a kiss by fast snapping of the camera?

These images show lot more of a relationship huge than a friendship but otherwise other till the booming blast comes out. Stunna always talk in private that he has his relationship that he can’t let go of for anyone else and that person means the world to him, even though distance separates them but he won’t allow any social media stunt break his love life with his partner for life. Now seeing these stunts and news coming from all sides of social media what actually Stunna did last night, were it an engagement to his unseen lover who nobody has seen or is it his video shot lover that crushing on him for her personal stunts? Don’t forget she’s the master of Queens level could be different.

This got spice to be added as you directly see the convincing moment here
You don’t look at your partner like this on an engagement night 😴

From the scene you could tell the stunt was not going well as the artist seems a bit shame to give in for what Master Queen was there to do. Look at laughing faces and not the shocking mood of people. This was a mood of no love reaching out.

As a matter of fact the media needed to do its work so the story had to go no matter that’s the game of celebrities.

From the photos taken on last night, we can tell that Stunna Birthday bash went well with good fans at his back, the smiling faces that can make things happen in the industry some were present to grace his program as well as his birthday. We could congratulate the newest couples if we see this as a reminder on their walls of social platforms as ”In A Relationship with Stunna or In a relationship with Master Queen. Since it’s now an engagement of no evidence the public awaits images not reaching out with a huge.

At the end of the day Master Queen made a joke out of all and posted on her Facebook page saying:

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P. C: Chichipoly Room

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