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Death Shadow Liberia Executive Mansion


Gabriel Wilson (THE HORN MAN) and Victoria Wlue are confirmed dead due to the accident that occur on the Gbengar road involving the Executive Mansion Press Car and a Black Jeep earlier today.

Accident scene

Yesterday the death of Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff hit the surface of Liberia after she was rush to Ghana for treatment but she never made it out alive.

The sudden death rate in a day or two on President George Weah government seems unbearable to the citizens as many eyes are open to see what next is coming.

The accident today that left Journalist in the vehicles hands broken and legs. This is another day day for the family of those who are in pain and to those who lost their lives.

Senator Geraldine Doe Sheriff
Gabriel Wilson (THE HORN MAN)
Victoria G. Wlu
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