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Ola order to court by Karishma – New Magazine wahala.


The life of a celebrity carries a lot of responsibility that either brand you to be great or to be worst in your career. Liberia is at the edge of reaching to other nations height in entertainment. But are Liberians ready for the battle that goes with entertainment as it includes letting go and accepting the non-sense sometimes said about you?

Since the entertainment industry is striving to come up and become successful, Liberians have a lot of other nationalities coming in the country to help boost the entertainment sector of Liberia. Are Liberians appreciating the efforts of foreigners in Liberia as they are helping to make good challenges come in the entertainment sector? That’s just one of the wonders in the industry that no one can answer because every Liberian are afraid to put in their one cent to bring out better help to each other but the foreigners do.

A Nigerian who left his home to come in Liberia to make progress in the entertainment community in Liberia has been locked down by one of Liberia actor/actress whos well known as Karishma DeQueen. Ola who’s from the lion of Africa, Nigeria, came to Liberia and brought the first program called Liberia Youths Awards

The Liberia Youth Awards 2019 is coming up

which was hosted in 2018 and yes it brought great challenges among youths of Liberia to do better in all that they do so that you could be one of that lucky winner and be one of Liberia Youth to be awarded that proud you deserve as a young and hardworking youth of mama Liberia.

Ola teaming up with Frank Artus and other top stars in Liberia

Ola recently got himself attached with stars from Liberia and he also got himself well attached with a lot of potential Liberians to work in togetherness for Liberia entertainment. Situations do change people and things always have a twist and turn sometimes. Karishma who worked for Ola once as a red carpet host and now she’s talked about in Ola magazine for which he’s the publisher of. The content of the magazine is way out of the actress interest and without notifying the individual about their image in the magazine that was published might be disturbing to the individual as well.

The content that brought the heat up

From the post that Karishma posted on Facebook brought out a lot of comments that show that promoter and other bloggers are not protected or appreciated by even the very people that the media promotes but the celebrities has different intentions for the whole media once the news goes wrong on them.

There were snaps of comments to show their anger and how they feels about situations that they wish can happen in their shoes.

Paul Flomo said that Liberians don’t do 1% for anyone but guess his life is not at the same stage since he started comedy in Liberia

This proves that even the people star is in total anger with his own people for reasons they don’t know about.

A comment from Paul Flomo that shows racists

Other comments brought more attentions to the issues at hands as DJ Weezy and other Liberians replied to the status of this publication of the magazine

This seems to be a war going on here as Karishma never saw this as publishing that was done in favor of her but against her and very personal. She sees this as a matter for court hearing and she never waited for

This is the cover of the magazine and that’s the name

anyone to hold her down by asking her to wait on it or that she sees it just as a promotional writing since she’s a celebrity. Seductive is the part that got her pissed up and being places that she’s not invited to. In Liberia, we joke with that line as, Wedding, Wake, and Party.

This magazine had a lot of contributors who took their time to write. Now the publisher is the mean man to be call for a court hearing. This is making other media groups afraid to even write about anyone who has the power above them. This is not about a man from a different nation but this draws the attention of all media groups to think different and will think twice before writing a story on anyone especially for the free aspect.

As we wait for the final saying from the court, there’s going to be a standstill in a lot of things going on around here.

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