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The Question all Liberians are asking. Single Certificate?


This has drawn the attention of a lot of Liberians in and out of Liberia as to what do the government mean by this single certificate and why will one need to have such certificate showing that he or she is single. The document which was written down in the newspaper draw a lot of attention to all and it circulate the internet in confusion with the whole meaning and content. many people don’t understand it and won’t understand it till it is addressed in the common man knowledge. Someone wrote out on facebook as to how they understand this and this made a lot of sense, only if all will reason with what he wrote. Let us read below. But first, someone said they don’t understand.

At this point, many people are so confused and thinking that the government is going to start taking task from them for being single. This is funny though but it is important that Liberians know what this is about. This is what the whole single certificate is about.

single status certificate only covers the period in which you are a resident of Liberia. Before you apply for a single status certificate, check with the consulate, embassy or local representative of the country in which you wish to marry to understand their legal requirements.

A single status certificate certifies that you have not been married elsewhere during a specified period. You may require a single status certificate if you intend to be married overseas or if you’re returning to your country of residence to be married.

what you might need before applying for such certificate. You must provide proof of identification with your single status certificate application. To apply for your own certificate you must provide:

Citizen ID Card, Passport, Birth Certificate and if you are applying for someone you might need a letter of permission to apply for that person, that will be a letter of authority the same three ID card which include Citizen ID Card, Passport and Birth Certificate. This goes with a fee.

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