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“Can’t be college drop out role model” – CIC


Great things come to those who work for it. It is certain for some people to just be great and make positive impact in the lives of others. No mater your status, age or appearance just one word from you could change a person life from worst to good or from good to worst, be careful how you carrying yourself and be submissive to everyone. Not everything money can change but just words as the Bible said it, our mouth is our spiritual weapon and yes God did pass through a little boy. Here’s the reason why Carlo Boi went back to get himself back into college. He’s presently in the AME University to obtain a career he felt was not worth it because of the fame but just few questions change his taught about life and education.

“A kid walked up to me and said.. “I wanna be everything you will ever become in life. Wearing the same hair cut, he showed me all my pics I have ever uploaded on social media. He then asked, do you smoke or drink? I’m like NO I DON’T and that’s something a lot of people don’t know. I used to but I stopped. So what level of school are you, he asked. I paused for minutes and told him I was in college but I dropped. So he then ask, are you going back or not? And boommm his mom called him. That question kept playing on me for weeks. I’m posting this out here cuz I might not get the chance to meet this kid again but I just wanna let you know I’m back in school tho I transfer to read a different course. If you do decide to be an artist later, I might just be the right manager to have😊

Can’t be college drop out role model” – CIC

This could be you, think twice and make that move. Education is the key and remember to struggle through it no mater what and I believe this will be a stepping stone for a lot of other artists and big boy and girls out there to take the lead. Role model is needed in so many ways but first take your education serious.

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